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Microscope Motic RED101, mono, fotoport, 40x - 400x

N° d'article : 52395
Fabricant : Motic

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Description du produit :

Malheureusement, la description de l'article n'a pas encore été traduite en français, c'est pourquoi vous trouverez à la place une description en anglais.

The RED-100 Series

The RED-100 Series represents the ideal microscope line for primary, secondary and high school students, it is ideal to explore the world of microscopy. The sample is easily placed by using the “one-touch” sample clips. The gliding stage allows the students to gradually move the specimen in different directions.

The RED 101

  • Finite optical system, 160mm
  • Dual view monocular head
  • 45° inclined and vertical, 360º rotating
  • WF10X/18mm with pointer, lockable Reversed triple revolving nosepiece with click stops
  • EA Achromatic, DIN
  • 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65/S
  • W 4/5" x 1/36" (RMS standard)
  • Gliding stage with “one-touch” sample clips
  • Stage size: 110mm x 110mm
  • Upper limit stop preset and adjustable
  • Built-in 0.65 N.A. condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Fine focus precision 2µm minimum increment
  • Z-axis movement 13mm
  • Filter: Built-in frosted glass
  • LED 20mA, 3.5V, 70mW with intensity control
  • Transformer external
  • Power supply. Charger 100-240V or rechargeable batteries
  • Accessories included: Dust cover, charger and batteries
  • Length X Width X Height 234 x 152 x 360mm
  • Weight 4,7Kg

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