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Caméra EP50, capteur CMOS couleur, 5 Mpx-1/1,8", HDMI, Wi-Fi (optionnel)

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Olympus EP50 digital microscope camera

Inspiring enthusiasm

Move away from static microscopy labs - thanks to the EP50 camera and WiFi adapter, lessons can be turned into dynamic and interactive learning environments.

  • Flexible camera controls and display options: Connect to mobile devices or WiFi-enabled PCs/laptops via WiFi or LAN
  • High-quality, sharp 5MP images
  • High frame rates allow students to quickly navigate between samples

Interactive learning

The flexible camera controls and display options provided in the additional EPview app increase interactivity and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Control the EP50 camera using the EPview mobile app or PC/laptop software (see technical information for version compatibility)
  • Up to 6 users can connect their devices to the same WiFi-enabled EP50 camera
  • Access to images from other EP50 cameras during lessons
  • Capture, edit, store and share images from the EP50 camera using the user-friendly software interface
  • Simultaneous live image output via WiFi and HDMI

The EPview app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

PC/laptop-protected learning

Users with WiFi-enabled PCs or laptops running a Windows operating system can download and install the EPview software for free.
The EPview PC/laptop software offers the same camera controls and functions as the EPview mobile app, including viewing, capturing, editing, storing and sharing images and videos.

Improved lessons

Teaching staff and students can benefit from sharing, viewing and storage options for images captured by the WiFi-enabled EP50 camera:

  • Stream images live on multiple people’s mobile devices or WiFi-enabled PCs/laptops
  • View images of samples on high-resolution monitors, projectors or interactive whiteboards when connected to the camera’s HDMI port.
  • Display full-HD videos (60 fps)
  • Connect an SD card and save images for later analysis

Improved learning process

Students can experience learning with digital imaging.

  • The camera can be operated by individuals or groups using the On-Screen Display (OSD) image display software.
  • The OSD software is easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Easy sample image and video capture, display and editing.
  • Save microscope data on an SD card for further investigation

Stand-alone mode

Users can control the EP50 camera via the On-Screen Display Software (OSD) using only a monitor and a USB mouse.

This configuration has numerous advantages:

  • User-friendly interface for lessons.
  • No PC required, resulting in reduced hardware costs and reduced space requirements for lessons.
  • Increased flexibility due to reduced workspace requirements.
  • Students can view live images, save images to an SD card, or annotate images.


  • No cooling
  • 5 Mpx, 1/1.8 inch, CMOS colour camera with C-Mount connection
  • HDMI port
  • SD card slot
  • USB 2.0 port for mouse
  • WiFi and USB-to-ethernet adapter (AX88772C chip set) sold separately
  • Internal On-Screen Display (OSD) software, WiFi interface
  • Includes: USB 2.0 mouse, HDMI cable, power cable, USB-to-ethernet adapter (AX88772C chip set), 16 GB SD card and quick-start guide

The EP50 camera is not suitable for clinical diagnostic purposes.


Camera with protective cap, HDMI cable, USB-to-ethernet adapter, SD card, USB mouse, power cable, user guide

(Please note that the WiFi adapter is not included in the standard EP50 bundle.)

You require a 0.5x C-mount adapter from your microscope manufacturer for this camera.





Taille des pixels
Résolution photo (Pixels)
Résolution vidéo (Pixels)
Mémoire interne (Megabyte)
Sortie TV
caméra couleur
Transmission d'image
Taille de puce (″)
Rolling Shutter
Adaptateur requis
Systèmes d'exploitation supportés
Win 7/8/10
Fréquence d'images
Temps d'exposition mini. (ms)
Temps d'exposition max. (ms)

Secteurs d´application


Domaine d´emploi

Formation technique


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Evident Olympus Caméra EP50, capteur CMOS couleur, 5 Mpx-1/1,8", HDMI, Wi-Fi (optionnel)
Evident Olympus Caméra EP50, capteur CMOS couleur, 5 Mpx-1/1,8", HDMI, Wi-Fi (optionnel)
Evident Olympus Caméra EP50, capteur CMOS couleur, 5 Mpx-1/1,8", HDMI, Wi-Fi (optionnel)
Evident Olympus Caméra EP50, capteur CMOS couleur, 5 Mpx-1/1,8", HDMI, Wi-Fi (optionnel)

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