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Microscope Optika Mikroskop B-383FL-SWIV, trino, FL-HBO, B&G Filter, N-PLAN, IOS, 40x-1000x, CH, IVD

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Fabricant : Optika

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Description du produit :

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Laboratory upright microscope for brightfield and fluorescence observations with IOS N-PLAN objectives. The HBO fluorescence illuminator provides an outstanding flexibility of use, standing the blue and green filter sets (supplied as standard) for Auramine, FITC, GFP and YFP (with blue filter set) plus Rhodamine, Texas Red and TRITC (with the green one), yet giving the possibility to combine any other specific filter sets for future upgrade. Transmitted light through the exclusive X-LED3 to ensure great-looking, rich and high-quality specimen view.


Observation mode: Brightfield, HBO fluorescence.

Epi-illumination and filters: HBO 100 W high pressure mercury lamp. 3-position filter holder; blue and green included.

Head: Trinocular (fixed 50/50), 30° inclined, 360° rotating.

Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 48 and 75 mm.

Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece tube.

Eyepieces: WF10x/20 mm, high eye-point and secured by screw.

Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings.


  • IOS N-PLAN 4x/0.10
  • IOS N-PLAN 10x/0.25
  • IOS N-PLAN 20x/0.40
  • IOS N-PLAN 40x/0.65
  • IOS N-PLAN 100x/1.25 (Oil/Water)

All with anti-fungus treatment.

Specimen stage: Double layer rackless mechanical stage, 233×147 mm, 78×54 mm X-Y range.

Focusing: Coaxial coarse (adjustable tension) and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen.

Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, with objective-coded iris diaphragm, focusable and centerable.

Transmitted illumination (Fixed Koehler type): X-LED3 with white 3.6 W LED (6,300K) with brightness control. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/6Vdc external power supply.

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